He WILL deliver us … again!

He WILL deliver us … again!

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I hope you’ve had an amazing week.

I just wanted to follow up on a video I shared a couple of weeks ago called “What to do when you’re feeling anxious”.

I want to share a little story that happened to my husband and I think many of you can related to this.

I shared the video and the message on “What to do when you’re feeling anxious” and I encouraged everyone to get away and spend some time with God. So that’s what my husband did. He had been under an enormous amount of pressure at work and was feeling that sense of anxiety in his spirit. That feeling when you don’t really know what it is specifically that you’re anxious about but there’s a feeling and a weight in your heart and in your stomach and you just can’t shake it. It’s an awful feeling.

So he was quite encouraged by the message that I shared that day and so after dinner that night he went away and got aside by himself in a spare room and spent a good … probably about an hour or so with God just letting go of the stress and the anxiety and the worry.

And he came out and he was really feeling great; really felt like he had got rid of that anxiety. His heart was filled with peace. The next day he went to work and was really feeling great about everything and feeling on top of it and really not feeling under stress… well he was under stress but not feeling the anxiety of that.

But then next day came and he said to me “I’ve woken up and I’ve got that feeling again”.

It was amazing because I had just been meditating on a scripture that day and so I want to share that for anyone else who has experienced the same thing – you’ve got away with God, you’ve got peace in your heart and then after a few days or so that sense of anxiety comes back.

I found this incredible scripture so I hope this encourages and helps you today too.

It comes from 2 Corinthians chapter 1 verses 8-10 and it says –

“We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure so that we despaired of life itself”

I’m sure that most of us can relate to that feeling “under great pressure” and we feel like it’s beyond our ability to endure.

Paul goes on and he says “in fact we expected to die. But as a result we stopped relying on ourselves and learned to rely only on God, who raises the dead” That’s how powerful He (God) is.

And then verse 10 – and this is the bit that I think is so fantastic and really helps us so much. Paul said –

“He has delivered us from such a deadly peril AND HE WILL DELIVER US AGAIN. On Him we have set our hope that He will continue to deliver us”.

That word is just incredible. He has delivered us before. We’ve had times where we know that He’s been there and He’s got us through the times we didn’t think we could endure. We didn’t think we could get through. And here’s this scripture encouraging us to say that “He WILL deliver us again”.

So when that word goes from being a desperate hope and a prayer “God please help me” and we attach faith to it, it goes from being “God please help deliver me” it goes to being a word of “He WILL. He WILL deliver us again”.

Do you know I’ve found that often times our prayers can become a case of just blabbing all of our fears to God – and I say that with the utmost respect because I know that people are going through the most difficult of times.

Prayer is powerful and we should pray but sometimes we are just telling God all our fears and do you know, fear does not activate God. Faith does.

So when we get away with God and spend time with Him and we’re able to say “you know what God, I believe you. You’ve delivered me before and I know that you will deliver me again. Your Word says you will deliver us again”.

So I pray that helps you. If you went away and you were encouraged last time and it gave you a sense of strength and peace but yet that feeling has come back. That feeling – it might be stress, anxiety, whatever it is and you’re feeling overwhelmed I want you to be encouraged by this word “He WILL deliver you again”.

So get away, spend some time with God. Let that get into your heart. Let go of all your worries and cares and in your meditation time, meditate on that word “He will deliver me again”.

I’m really praying that helps and blesses you this week. God bless and I will see you again next week.

Leah  ♥♥

*My husband Jeff is my greatest supporter and encourager. I could not do what I do without his wisdom, encouragement and support. He has graciously allowed me to share his story today.

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What to do when You’re Feeling Anxious

What to do when You’re Feeling Anxious

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog.

I’d like to start by wishing all the mothers, everywhere around the world today, a very Happy Mother’s Day. I pray that you’ve been blessed and loved on by your families.

I want to share this week a scripture that I’ve been meditating on in the last couple of days. Philippians 4 verse 6; it’s the scripture that says “Do not be anxious for anything”.

I find this is a very interesting scripture. I find that it’s interesting that it doesn’t say something more along the lines of “and God will help us with our anxiety” or “God will lift anxiety from your spirit”. It actually instructs us to not be anxious; “Do not be anxious”.

I don’t know whether you had this experience when you were a child – or maybe you’ve said this to your own children – but perhaps you were feeling upset about something or you were in a bad mood and your parents might have said to you “Get happy”.

It’s a lot easier said than done. When you’re not feeling happy to suddenly switch and be happy feels impossible. I think this scripture seems to me to be a lot like that. It says “do not be anxious”. Well how do you not be anxious when you’re feeling anxious? when you’ve got that sense of anxiety and dread in your spirit.

And the scripture is seemingly so unhelpful – it simply says “do not be anxious”. So I want to have a look at that today. How do we not be anxious when our heart and our mind is filled with anxiety?

Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re anxious about. Sometimes we just have that sense of dread. You might wake up in the morning with that awful feeling of dread and anxiety; and that sense of “what’s going to happen today”. And it’s a terrible thing to live with and I know that many people do. Many people live with that constant feeling of anxiety gnawing away at the inside of them.

Anxiety can be a result of things that we’re worried or fearful about. It can be a spiritual thing. There’s no doubt about it that we live in a spiritual world and there can be spiritual forces at work against us – the Bible tells us – to try and destroy our soul. Sometimes we need to pray about that.

And sometimes anxiety can simply become a habit for our mind. We might have been through such a difficult time; a very stressful or traumatic time that our mind automatically is on high alert – it’s on the lookout “do I need to be anxious about this? Do I need to worry about that?” And you just have that constant feeling in your stomach and it’s a terrible thing to have to live with.

I’d like to share something with you today that will hopefully help you because you know we can train our minds to not go to fear and anxiety and to allow the peace of God to come in and to stay in.

So I want to look at Philippians 4 verse 6 a little bit more today. I love what the Bible commentator MacLaren says. He says, “The heart is never empty”.

And that is so true. Our heart and our mind will always be filled with something. And for many people it is filled with anxiety. It’s filled with fear and it’s filled with a sense of dread about the future.

So we need to find out how we can get that fear and anxiety out and fill our hearts and our minds with something else so completely that there’s no room for the fear and the anxiety to live inside us.

So I want to read what MacLaren says about this scripture. It’s a little bit long but stay with me because it’s really worthwhile hearing what he says and it’s also in Old English so I’ll take it slowly to try and make it easier to understand.

The scripture says – Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious for anything but by prayer and supplication make your requests known to God”

MacLaren starts by talking about the word prayer – “by prayer”. He says:

“By prayer that does not mean, as a superficial experience of religions supposes it to mean, actual petition that follows. For a great many of us, the only notion that we have of prayer is asking God to give us something we want. But there is a far higher region of communion than that in which the soul seeks and finds, and sits and gazes, where there is no spoken petition for anything affecting the outward life. There may be the prayer of contemplation, the prayer of silent submission in which the will bows itself before God. The prayer of quiet trust in which we do not so much seek as to cleave, the prayer of still fruition. These, in Paul’s conception of the true order, precede supplication. And if we have such union with God, by realising His presence, by trusting Him and submission to Him then we have the victory over our anxieties”

This is the incredible, wonderful answer to the problem of our heart and our mind being filled with anxiety.  We need to release it and let it go in the stillness, in the quietness, in the silence of contemplating God in His presence.

When we do that we find that all anxiety leaves and God replaces it with Himself and with His peace.  And when our hearts are filled with His peace there is no room for anxiety.

I have found this to be so true in my life. I have found that by coming to God in meditation every day, anxiety leaves. I let it all go – it’s like it drains out of my soul as I sit in quiet contemplation in His presence.

And in floods His peace filling my soul with that.  And then as I go about my day I stay in that place. When fear tries to rise in my spirit; when anxiety tries to get its claws back on my soul – and you can feel it – you know that sense of dread starting to rise. And your mind starting to go into that panic feeling of “oh what do I need to worry about, what’s happening”, I take a breath and I say “you know what, it will work out, it will all be good” because there’s a scripture that promises “all things work together for good”.

So if we get into that place of peace every morning with God, we let our anxiety go, we let our heart and our mind be filled with His peace and then we stay in that place all day. And every time anxiety or fear tries to get a hold of your spirit, you take a breath and you say “it will be ok, it will be ok”. And do you know I have found that every single time – it always is.

So I’m praying for you today. I know what a terrible thing it is to live with anxiety in your soul. And it’s not meant to be that way. God will help you. The scripture tells us “do not be anxious”. All we need to do is completely fill our heart with Him; be completely focussed on Him.

You may need to stop during your day if you feel that sense of panic rising and you’re starting to breathe fast and you’re starting to feel anxious, just stop, be still, take a moment, put your focus back on God and remind yourself “God is with me, God is for me. It’s going to be OK”.

And you re-train your mind to constantly go back to God and not to fear and anxiety.

I really pray that helps you this week. I’m praying for you as always. God bless, looking forward to seeing you again next week.

Leah  ♥♥

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Get Your Peace Back

Get Your Peace Back

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog.

Do you know I have discovered what I think is the secret to complete peace in life. I first began to find real, true, lasting peace when I learnt to meditate on God. But what I really believe is the secret to having complete peace in your life is actually complete focus on God.

The more focussed we are on Him, the more peace flows through our life. It’s so easy to get distracted. This life is busy, it’s crazy, there’s all kinds of things going on. We may be facing problems. There may be good things that distract us – fun things that take up our attention and our time. Or there might be troubling things. There’s no doubt about it, there are plenty of things that can distract us in life.

I have found that the more distracted that we get, the less peace that we have. The more focussed we are on God, the more consumed by Him that we are, the more peace that we have.

I found that just recently. As you know I’ve just come back from a holiday with my family. It was a wonderful time. We had a really great time. We actually went to visit some other family living in China. We had a wonderful week and I made sure that I had my meditation time every day. I never let that go by without spending some time with God. But because of all the distraction around me, the different routine, the exciting, fun things we were doing every day, it caused me to lose a little bit of my focus on God.

I found when I came back, trying to get into that place of peace and reconnection with God – what happens when we’re distracted is that we become tired and we lose our peace. I found the only way to keep complete peace in my heart all the time is to keep a complete focus on God.

The greater my focus is on God the greater peace that I have. I know for me that what I need to do when I feel that focus slipping – and it’s easy – it’s so easy to be distracted, there’s so much to do in our lives; so much going on around about us. Sometimes it only takes a day. We might start our day in meditation with God and we feel wonderful but by end of the day we find that so many things have been grabbing at us for our attention that we feel like we have drifted out of our God-zone. And we feel like there’s a distance compared to where we were in the morning during our meditation time.

It’s just our focus is what it is; our focus on God. The way to get that peace back into our heart is to get our focus back on God.

So for me, I know that when I get into that kind of a situation where life has been particularly busy and there’s been a big pull of things to draw my attention and my focus away – not completely from God – but that intimate attention that keeps me in the zone of peace and keeps me in the zone of His presence.

When I find that there’s been a pull to drag me away from that by the things going on in life, I have to take intentional steps to get back into that zone. And so for me I like to spend a day a week on top of my meditation times in the morning, I have a day a week that I like to spend with God in prayer and meditation. This year I have found it quite difficult to maintain that day because it’s been a very busy year. So for me, that’s my goal – to get my day a week with God back.

And another thing that I find too is really helpful for getting our focus back on God is reading the Bible. We hear that all the time in Church or wherever we hear we need to be in the Word all the time but I have never found it to be so true in all my life as I have since I learnt to meditate on God.

I know that there is an absolute tangible difference in my ability to be able to meditate in peace and connect with God depending on how much of the Word I’ve been reading. So I like to try and keep my Bible reading up and if I find that my focus has slipped and I’m losing my peace and I know that I need to get back into that zone that’s one of the things I will do. I will spend some extra time reading the Word of God.

Then that sense of peace begins to return to my spirit. I find myself getting back into my God-space and my God-zone. When I keep my eyes on Him I have a constant peace in my heart.

So I just want to encourage you this week if you’re struggling to find peace; if you’re feeling like things are getting at you; if you’re irritated in your spirit maybe or you have un-settledness in your heart or an anxiousness about things and there’s just no peace there. Just take some to spend a little bit longer with God. Maybe a little bit longer in your meditation. Or take an extra day or just do a little bit more than usual to get back into that zone; to get back your focus completely on God and you will find that peace will return to your heart.

I’m praying for you this week as I always do. Thank you to everyone who has written in lately with your kinds words.  I really enjoy hearing from you. Sometimes – I’m sorry – I’m a bit slow getting back because life is so busy. I have three boys. But I will eventually get back to you.

So, thank you so much and God bless you. I’m praying you have a wonderful peace-filled week.

God bless,

Leah  ♥♥

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God brings things to the Surface to Heal Us

God brings things to the Surface to Heal Us

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. It’s great to be back after a couple of weeks break. I pray that you all had a very happy and blessed Easter break.

I had the privilege of travelling to China with my family during the break and we had an amazing time there.

But for me, it’s always wonderful to get back home. I love coming home to be able to get back into my prayer and meditation space and re-centre and re-focus and re-connect with God. I do meditate when I’m away but I always find it’s a little bit harder in a different space; a different routine and a different atmosphere and a lot more distractions so I love being able to get back home into my meditation space and back into my God space.

Anyway, this last week that I’ve been back I’ve been contemplating something that I wanted to share with you this week about the meditation journey.

It’s something that I have experienced often since I’ve learnt to meditate on God but I think it’s something that not many of us know very much about. What I wanted to share with you was about how God brings things to the surface in us in order to heal things.

And sometimes we think there’s something going on our life. We might have a thought on our mind that we just cannot get rid of and it’s causing us stress or anxiety. We might have become a bit obsessed with the thought and no matter how hard we try we just can’t let that thought go. Or maybe there’s a hurt or something that’s happened in your life or an emotion and it keeps coming to the surface in different ways and different areas of your life.

Sometimes this can make us feel very stressed. We might begin to wonder “why is this happening?”, “what is wrong with me?”, “why can’t I let this thought go? – I thought I’d dealt with this. I thought that thing was solved in me. Why can’t I let it go?

Sometimes we can become even frustrated with it. We don’t want this thing on our mind all the time and we even feel like we’re driving ourselves crazy with it. But no matter how hard we try we don’t seem to be able to find a way to let it go.

What I’ve discovered is sometimes those things that keep coming to the surface like that are coming to the surface for a reason. I believe that God allows these things and even brings these things, sometimes, to the surface within us because He wants to heal something in us.

It may be something like a past hurt, or pain or an experience. Something that’s happened to us and you might think “you know what, I’m alright. I’ve dealt with that thing. It doesn’t affect me anymore”. But you know we live in a very broken world and every one of us is broken in some way.

And part of the process of us changing to become more and more like Jesus is that God has to deal with these broken things in our life, He has to fix them, correct them and heal them.

So don’t automatically become upset, or stressed or anxious if you find there is a thought and it keeps coming back, or an emotion or an experience and it’s on your mind and you’re thinking “I can’t let that thing go”.

Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s God bringing it to the surface so that He can heal you. I’ve experienced this many times.

Recently I had a situation where I found that I was dreaming about feeling very angry. This is unusual for me because I used to be a very angry person. Before I learnt to meditate on God I was quite an angry person. And one of the very significant changes that has happened in my life since I learned to meditate on God and made that a daily practice of my life is that I am no longer an angry person. All the anger has gone and I’m a peace-filled person. So it was quite unusual for me to be having these dreams where I felt very angry.

So this is what I did. I came to God just before my meditation time just to talk with Him and just to pray and say “you know what God I don’t know why this is happening, what it’s all about or what this even means but I do know that you bring things to the surface within me to heal me”.

So I prayed this prayer –

“God help me to release it, whatever it is that you want to do within me I allow you to do it. I let this thing go. I surrender to you God. I ask you to forgive me, to cleanse me, and to heal me and to fix me and to correct me. And I ask you God to wash it all out of my life, my heart, my mind and my spirit and replace it God with your peace”

And then after I prayed that prayer I just sat in God’s presence in stillness and in silence and let Him do the work within my heart. We don’t need to do any more than that, except to release it to Him; to be aware that He wants to fix something and heal something within our spirit. To grow us and to change us, to help us become more like Jesus. And to help us to reach the potential that He has for us in life.

So after I prayed that prayer of release and I asked Him – whatever it was – to deal with it, and to fix it and to heal me I just waited in His presence and allowed His peace to come and fill my heart.

So I encourage you today – if there’s something that you don’t seem to be able to get off your mind and it’s showing up in lots of different areas and maybe you’re thinking “what’s going on here?” It may well just be God bringing it to the surface because He wants to heal something and change something in you.

It’s a constant growing journey and sometimes we feel like “I thought I’d dealt with that” but He is constantly growing us as the Bible says “He’s changing us from glory to glory” so He no sooner fixes one thing and then down the track there’ll be another but if we’re just aware that these things are not meant to cause us stress or anxiety but it’s part of the growing process – learning to give it to God, release it, letting it go and letting Him do the healing work in our heart that we need.

So I encourage you this week. I pray that helps and I pray that it will help you find some peace and help you to let go of some thoughts that you might have been struggling to let go of before and realise maybe it’s God wanting to do something in your heart, wanting to heal you, wanting to make you whole and put you back together again.

So I pray that blesses you and helps you. Have a wonderful week meditating on God and I’ll see you next week.

God bless,

Leah  ♥♥

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The Answer is Within You

The Answer is Within You

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s lovely to have you with us today.

Today I wanted to share a little saying that I like to use in my meditation time. It’s something that I have used right from the time I first learnt to meditate. It’s a little quote – often I use scripture or Bible verses to help still my mind and to help me get into the presence of God.

But I also have this little quote and I use it quite often and I find that it’s really good to help still my mind and to stop all the thoughts from racing around my mind. And helps to focus my heart and my mind on Jesus.

The little quote is “God is with me, God is for me, God is in me” and more recently I added and “God loves me”.

I’ve discovered that this is like a growing revelation. Each part of that quote is an increasing revelation. The first part of it is “God is with me” and when you meditate on that and look up the number of scriptures that talk about God is with me, it’s very encouraging.

Then we move onto the next part of the revelation that “God is for me” and if God is for me, who can be against me? It’s a powerful revelation. And we increase in our revelation to the next level which is “God is in me”. I think that the greatest revelation – I’ve added the last little bit to my quote that I like to meditate on “God loves me” because I think God’s love is the greatest revelation of all.

I haven’t fully got it yet myself and I think it’s something we could meditate on forever; every day of our lives and we would never comprehend the magnitude of that.

The part of it I wanted to talk about today is the part that says “God is in me”. That in itself is an incredible revelation. This is something as Christians we know in our head – God is in us. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us.

But when this becomes a revelation to us it is unbelievable – the power that we realise we have on the inside of us.

I’m not a big fan or a big believer in a lot of the modern theory about “if we change the way we think we can change our life”. I do believe to an extent that it is true that if we think more positively we will have a more positive life. There’s no doubt about that.

But I also know that if we rely on that theory of changing-our-thinking-we-can-change-our-life it will eventually fail because some days I just don’t feel like thinking positively; some days I just don’t have that within me so I know there has to be something greater and something more than being able to change my own thinking to change my life.

And I’ve found the answer comes from the revelation of knowing that Jesus is in me. 1 Corinthians 2:16 tells us that “we have the mind of Christ”. This is incredible!

If we are confused or worried about a situation and we’re wondering what should we do? It’s become a real problem and we become stressed about it; we become anxious and we just don’t know what to do about a situation. Well the revelation that “God is in me” is powerful in that moment because we realise that we have the mind of Christ within us. Isn’t that incredible!

The mind of Jesus – what He knows is inside us and all we have to do is tap into that knowledge and that wisdom that is already in us. We already have the answers that we need within us.

We tap into that incredible power and that incredible well and that incredible spring of life within us by connecting with God through stillness and meditation.

I just want to encourage you about that today because last week we were talking about going to the sacred place. We’re very good at faithfully going to many places. We might faithfully go to Church every week and we faithfully go to our job and we might faithfully and regularly go to the gym.  But we need to faithfully and regularly go the sacred place that’s within us.

When we do that we can tap into the incredible wisdom and knowledge that is within us because Jesus is within us. I find even just meditating on that line “God is in me” it helps me really centre in and focus in on the fact that He is right here with me.

He’s not a long way out there in the distance. Sometimes we come into our meditation time and feel like we’ve got to somehow “find God” somewhere out there in the Universe. But He’s not out there, He’s right in here within us.

As I meditate on that it helps me to increase my awareness of His presence with me and in me. But it also gives me so much greater power knowing that everything I need in life – all the wisdom, all the knowledge, all the resources, all the creativity is already living on the inside of me. And I can tap into that incredibly deep well and spring that is within me by taking the time to be still and connect heart-to-heart with God.

It’s in the stillness that we become aware of His presence; it’s in the stillness that our heart connects with His heart and His Spirit and we can hear and listen to the words He is speaking.

Everything that He knows we can know too. It’s already in us. We just stop, be still and tap into what’s already on the inside of us.

So I pray if you’re really struggling with a situation. If you really don’t know what to do about something. If you’re really feeling like… I now for me that sometimes I like to try and work everything out. I like to figure out all the answers and have it all lined up perfectly and figure out what to do. But I found the Holy Spirit – there’s two things that the Holy Spirit does.

One is that He tends to unfold things one bit at a time. As I go to Him in my meditation and I sit in the stillness I find that He will just give me the next step of the journey; the next bit of wisdom. He unfolds it bit by bit. Sometimes I want to see the entire course laid out in front of me; the full answer; the end result.

But I’ve found that very, very rarely does the Holy Spirit do that. He tends to just give me the next step.

And the second thing is I’ve find that He tends to use the journey that we’re on to change us, to shape us and to transform us.  So don’t worry if the whole answer doesn’t come quickly and immediately. Just let the journey unfold. Walk the journey with the Holy Spirit and be open to what He is showing you along the way. Like I mentioned last week, sometimes He uses those things that have come up in our spirit, things that come up and rise to the surface within us to stop and have a look at it. To have a look why have I reacted like that.

He uses those things to be able to change us, to shape us, to be more like Jesus because it’s in that life we have more freedom and we have the life and the purpose that He’s intended for us.

So just walk the journey; know the answer is within you. Know that He will help it to all unfold in His perfect plan and His perfect timing. I like to say “just go with the flow”; go with the flow of the Holy Spirit. Learn along the way and be at peace knowing that all wisdom and all knowledge is already within you. God is in you.

I pray you are blessed and encouraged this week. I’m actually going to be away for two weeks with my family. It’s school holidays here in Australia. So I will see you in a few weeks time. In the meantime I will be thinking about you and praying for you and praying that you have an amazing time in your meditation with God, growing deeper and closer to Him every day.

God bless,

Leah  ♥♥

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A Prayer for Letting Go

A Prayer for Letting Go

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s really lovely to have you with us.

I wanted to share something that happened with me in my meditation time this week. I have found, where normally for me it’s quite easy to get into my meditation with God and to let go of things and to connect easily heart-to-heart with God and find that place of peace with Him.

This week for some reason I found that each time I came into my meditation time I was feeling really quite distracted by things that were happening in my world this week. And I was feeling quite agitated by some things and some things that normally wouldn’t bother me I found were really starting to – I guess, really I would say I was offended by them. And they were really agitating me and I was worked up in my spirit about it and instead of enjoying a time of peace with God I’m thinking about these things.

In some ways it’s not a bad thing because it really gave me the opportunity to question “God, why am I responding to that like this? What is it that you’re bringing to the surface in me that needs healing?” There were a couple of things that really shouldn’t have bothered me and I found that it really greatly agitated me in my spirit.

And so one of the good things that came out that was that I was able to look at that and ask God “God why am I responding like that?” And I found that there were some things that He needed to fix up and to heal within me.

So that part of it was good. But the distraction and the inability to be able to get into God’s presence was not so good. And I didn’t enjoy that. And what I find happens is, is that things come along during the week or during our day and it’s like they begin to pile up in our spirit.

There’s this thing we’re worried about and then this thing happens and we start to get this pile of things in our spirit and we no longer have that clear pathway into connecting with God in our heart-space.

So what we really need to do when that happens is we have to clear those things out. No matter how painful it can be or how much it hurts or how much we have to look at why we are responding to that; what are we fearful about, what is causing this anxiety for us. No matter what those reasons are we need to let go of all those things.

We have to release them to God if we want to find peace, if we want to be able to connect with Him heart-to-heart and spirit-to-spirit; to clear that way from us through to our heart-space where God is.

That’s not always easy and actually when you’ve got quite an accumulation of stuff; sometimes it might be stuff that’s accumulated even over years, our natural self sometimes doesn’t even feel like wanting to get through that stuff and get in through to God.

But if we push through, we come to God, we make space to sit and be still and we begin to say “God I give it to you. I don’t hold onto that thing anymore. I let it go. I release it. I allow you to show me if there’s something in me that needs to be corrected; needs to be fixed or needs healing, God – and I allow you to come and do that work within me and I let these things go. I don’t hold onto it and I release it”.

As we work through that we find that it’s like we are clearing a pathway through all the noise, all the rubbish that accumulates, that life piles on top of us. And we find that we clear a path though to that place within us where He lives.

I was so impacted recently by the thought that the Holy Spirit lives within us. As Christians we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and it makes that place within us a sacred place. We need to do everything we can to get into that sacred place.

Life and all its problems and its mess and everything that goes on will constantly be piling things on top of us and our job is to release it. And it’s easier the more often we do it. The clearer we keep ourselves the easier it becomes. Sometimes it’s a little bit harder when somethings are a little bit tough but if we do this every day; we find time every day to come before Him and clear out all the stuff that’s attached itself to us, that’s piled itself one thing after another on top of itself in our spirit. And we allow all of that to be cleared away, we find that we have a clear pathway and there’s a beautiful connection between our spirit and God’s Spirit.

And it brings so much peace. It’s such a wonderful way to live when we learn to let go.

I would love to pray for you right now. If you’d like to close your eyes – because I know it’s not always easy and it takes time and it takes practice but keep persevering and keep coming to God and saying “God I let it go. Help me God, heal me God, carry me through this Lord”, He will help you, He will help you to let go of all those things that are blocking the pathway. He’s right there but sometimes we’ve got to move the junk out of the way for us to be able to get into that beautiful sacred space.

And so I pray for you now – God I pray your beautiful presence, your beautiful peace, your beautiful Spirit would fall all over hearts right now Lord God, right where they are listening to your word, listening to this message God. I pray the peace of God would begin to fall over their heart, their soul and their spirit. God I pray that you would help each and every person to be able to let go and release the things that they’ve been holding onto – the worries, the troubles, the cares, the things that have built up in their spirit; the hurt and the pain God. Lord you are a gentle and a tender God and you don’t do this harshly Lord God but you do this with compassion and gentleness. And Lord you bring healing and you bring peace. I thank you that your peace falls over every heart right now in Jesus Name.

I pray that this week that you would make time – with all my heart I pray it – that you would take the time to come to God and spend time letting go, releasing things and forgiving even; letting go so that you have a beautiful clear pathway between yourself and God.

And let me just say it’s not that God blocks Himself from us – He never does that but sometimes the things of life cause blockages to us being able to get into that deep place of our soul, that sacred space where He lives but when we make our way through that; when we push through that; when we clear everything away it is such a beautiful, fulfilling, peace-giving place to be.

I pray that you find that sacred place, that you find that beautiful place of peace this week. God bless you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again next week.

Leah  ♥♥

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God is in the Business of Resurrection

God is in the Business of Resurrection

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. Last week I was sharing about how we need to empty ourselves.

I’m a big believer that the Christian life is not about self; it’s all about God. I believe in dying to self, in laying ourselves down and that He must increase and we must decrease.

In fact, I like to say that God does not exist for our benefit but we exist for His.

And yet the more I go along this journey, I cannot get away from the fact that the more I seek Him out, the more I seek to know who He is, the more He shows me who I am.

God is in the business of bringing healing and wholeness to every person who seeks Him out.

And the more I find I die to self and I empty myself and I seek to know more of Him, the more He turns the tables around and raises me up.

The thought occurred to me this week in meditation that He is in the business, God is in the business of resurrection.

He is in the business of resurrecting our lives. He resurrects who we are as a person. He resurrects our life. He resurrects our future and our hopes and our dreams.

And so I just want to encourage you this week to continue seeking Him out, continue coming to Him in meditation and saying “God I lay myself down, not my will but your will be done. Show me who you are God. Strip away all my preconceived ideas and let me know who you are God”.

And you will see Him, through His grace and His love and His mercy and His goodness and His generosity, He will turn the tables around and you will find that He will bring healing and wholeness to your inner person.

And He will begin to raise you up and resurrect you; resurrect your life and your circumstances.

I pray this blesses and encourages you this week. As always I’m praying for you. God bless. Have a wonderful week meditating on our beautiful Lord.

God bless,

Leah  ♥♥

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The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog again this week. This week I want to talk about the importance of “Letting Go”.

In Philippians chapter 2 verse 7, the Bible tells us that Jesus “emptied Himself”. This is in the context of Jesus emptying Himself of His glory to leave heaven and to come to earth in human form. But the role modelling that He provided for us is an incredible example of how we need to live and how we need to learn to empty ourselves and to let go of things.

I learnt very early on when I first learnt to meditate on God how important it was – and in fact I actually begin my meditation almost every day with the practice of just “letting go”; letting go of everything that’s on my mind; all the things that are weighing me down and troubling me; the things that I might have to do that I’m thinking about; hurts that might have happened to me – all kinds of things – everything.

I make a practice of letting go because I’ve found it’s the only way to get to a place of peace in my heart and actually clear everything out of the way so that I can connect with God heart-to-heart. And to get past all of that other stuff to get into His presence.

And so it’s an incredibly important thing to learn to do – to let go of everything. Let go of all things that are worrying us, all the things that are weighing us down, all the things that are troubling us. But as I’ve gone along my journey, what I’ve learnt is that “letting go” is not just about the peaceful benefits that it brings to us – although that is incredible and such an important thing too.

I’ve learnt that there’s a much greater, important reason for learning to let go and making it a practice of our daily life.

What I’ve learnt is that when we don’t let go of things, when we don’t let go of the things we’re worrying about and we’re stewing about them; they’re on our mind, those things can form attachments. They attach themselves to us when we worry about it, when we dwell on it and we think about it all the time. It becomes like a spiritual force that attaches itself to us. And then it has power and control over us.

And so it is such an important reason why every day we need to look at the things that have tried to get a hold of us and attach themselves to us – the worry, the troubles, the hurt. All of those things, we need to make a practice of letting go of them so that they don’t grow to have power and control over us.

And it can be a painful thing – it can be painful thing to learn to let go of some of the hurts that have happened because they’re real, they happened, they were valid. But it’s such a powerful thing. To be able to live in peace and in freedom we need to learn to let go of things.

And so I would encourage you to start your meditation every day by just looking at – taking a look inside your heart and thinking “is there anything there I need to let go of? Is there anything that I’m holding onto? Are there things that have got a hold of me?” and make a habit, like Jesus did, of emptying yourself; letting them go.

It takes time. And sometimes our head is willing and our heart is not so willing. But the more time that you spend just seeking God in His presence, in meditation, in waiting on Him and allowing Him to help you release those things from your heart. He will help you, He will grow you through it.

That’s the amazing thing – these things that form attachments to us, they hold us back. They hold us back from the things that God has for us. And you will find that you will keep coming around to the same thing time after time in your life. The same things will get a hold of you and they will attach themselves to you and they will have power and control over you. And the way to get release from that is to learn to let them go.

I’m not perfect at it. I’ve certainly got a long way to go on this journey but I’m thankful to God that He’s teaching me and showing me the peace and the growth and the freedom that comes from learning to release these things to God and trusting that He will take care of them; that all things do work together for good when we give up the fight and give up the things that we’re holding onto and let them go to Him and rest in peace in His beautiful, glorious presence.

I pray that helps you this week. I pray that you will spend some time working through some stuff with God – releasing those things. Let Him deal with them. He will heal your heart, He’ll bring peace, He’ll bring restoration and He’ll help you.

God bless. Praying for you as always. Thank you for joining me and see you again next week!

Leah  ♥♥

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Who You Are and What You Were Called To Do

Who You Are and What You Were Called To Do

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I just want to share one thought with you this week.

If you don’t know who you are, you will never know who you were meant to be or what you were called to do.

If you’ve been a Christian for a while you will probably have heard the phrase “knowing who you are in Christ”.

Well I don’t know about you, but I didn’t even know what that phrase meant for the first 40 years of my life, let alone know who I was in Christ.

I’ve realised now that’s because there are some revelations that can’t be taught or caught through listening to someone else preach or speak about them or through reading about it in a book. There are some revelations that can only come through a personal revelation and encounter from God.

And that only comes from spending time with God.

You might know somebody who has had a very impacting experience in their life. They might have had something happen to them, it might have been a traumatic event or some experience that has deeply affected their life and it defines who they are and who they become.

They might go on to fight for a cause or fight for justice in a particularly area because the event has been so life impacting that it goes on to define them, who they are and who they become.

An encounter with God should be like that for us. An encounter with God should be so impacting on our life that it defines who we are.

I had the privilege many years ago of leading a youth group with my husband.  I was thinking back about it just recently and I was feeling a little bit sad. I was thinking I wish that I knew then what I know now and I would have led those young people into a much deeper relationship with Jesus. So I was feeling a little bit sad about that and the Holy Spirit spoke to me immediately and very clearly. He said to me it’s because you did not know who you were. You did not know who you were meant to be to others or what you were called to do.

It is so important that we know who we are; that we know the gifts that we have and the anointing and authority that we carry in Christ so that we know who we were meant to be to others and what we’re called to do.

Knowing who we are only comes from knowing God. And knowing God only comes from spending time with Him.

This is the amazing thing that I have discovered about meditating on God. I have discovered that as I ask God to show me who He is, He has shown me who I am.

When I first learnt to meditate on God, for me it was really just about finding some peace but the journey has been way more amazing and way deeper than I ever expected it was going to be. One of the things that I have discovered is that the more that I seek to know who God is, the more He has shown me who I am.

If you are wanting to know who you are and who you were meant to be and what you are called to do – and hopefully you do want to know because who you are is the fullness of everything you were created to be. And the overflow of that is the affect that it has on other people’s lives.

So if you want to know who you are and who you are meant to be the best thing that you can do is to spend time with God seeking to know who He is. Ask Him to show you as you wait on Him. Say “God show me who you are, reveal yourself to me” and the more you get to know who He is, the more He will show you who you are and who you were meant to be.

An encounter with Him will change your life; it will define who you are. It will show you who you are and who you were meant to be.

I pray that as you continue to meditate on Him that you will grow to know more and more of who He is and who you are and who you were called to be.

God bless. I pray this helps you this week. I am going away next weekend. I have the opportunity to travel with my husband for work. We’re going to beautiful Lord Howe Island and while he works I get to spend some time meditating and waiting on God.

So there may not be a blog next week as there’s very little phone or internet coverage there. So I will probably see you in two weeks’ time but I will be thinking about you and praying for you in the meantime.

God bless and have a great couple of weeks,

Leah  ♥♥

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Living from the Inside Out

Living from the Inside Out

Today I am coming to you from a beautiful mountain retreat area that I have come away to for the weekend to spend some time with God in meditation and prayer.

It is something I try to do regularly and I highly recommend for everyone. Even if you can set aside just a day or even half a day every now and then to be with God, it is so good for your soul.

Today I want to talk to you about living life from the inside out, living from the heart. We are born into a world that teaches us to live from the external.

We have to go inwards and learn to live from the inside to truly live.

Meaning and purpose cannot be found when we live from the outside or the external. When we live only from the outside, life is just a series of motions and moments – some good, some not. Eventually we ask ourselves what is the purpose of all this?

Purpose and meaning – not just in what we do – but in life itself is found when we learn to go inside.

Inside are where the deep springs of life-giving water are found. Some will be dry after living most, maybe all of life on the outside. But it only takes one moment, one encounter with God for the wells to be filled to overflowing.

Nothing can stop an encounter with God – not sin, shame, nothing. All it takes is a hungry, desiring, humble heart.

Life on the outside is noisy, hard, painful, stressful, tiring, requires striving and has no peace. It burns you out and it chews you up and spits you out.

A life lived from the heart that is united with Jesus and is one with Him through the Holy Spirit is one of peace, is joy-filled, is like living in the Garden of Eden before sin where you have everything you need. There is no pain, hurting, anxiety, rushing or toil. Just walking in perfect peace and harmony with God.

Living from the inside is like having a river that runs through you. A river of life, strength, peace, healing, health, joy and hope. And as long as you stay connected to the source it flows.

It’s not just the river that pours into us from Him that is so wonderful but I think when the river of love we have for Him is opened and flows through us and pours out of our soul this could possibly be the most powerful, life-giving, healing, life-changing river of all.

Releasing the river of our love to Him. Oh when you dig deep enough and hit that well and the river of love for Him begins to flow out of your heart there is nothing like it.

I have always said that just hearing the name of Jesus should cause a reaction in your soul. If we hear His name and it does not move us, we are too far away from the river. That’s when we know that life has taken over. We have to stop, strip back everything and seek after Him until we find our way back into the river.

A sign that we have found and are in that river is that your soul will be moved at the mention of His (Jesus) name. You will hunger and thirst for Him; you will long for Him. Your heart will beat for Him. This is where we need to stay; the place to live from.

If this vision of Jesus grows dim we have moved away from the river and are moving back to that outside place. To stay on the inside, to stay in the river, we must stay in a place where our hearts burn with passion for Him. Sometimes we have to fight through our natural self, our flesh, to get there. But He helps us as long as we are seeking.

God bless you. I pray you find time to get away with God this week and I pray that you find yourself deep in the river of love for God.

Leah  ♥♥

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