Good morning! Thank you so much for joining me again this week. Today I just want to share a short encouragement with you to encourage you to keep meditating on God; and to share a scripture with you that really helped me this week.

This week was the first week that my children went back to school after the school holidays. And most people would think that’s the best week of the year for mums.  It’s the week we can catch up on everything we haven’t been able to do and get a lot more done than we were able to during the holidays. But actually it’s quite the opposite. It ends up being probably one of the busiest weeks of the year for me. It’s very, very hectic, very, very busy and can become very stressful if I allowed it.

One morning this week, towards the end of a very, very busy week, I was starting to feel that sense of almost being overwhelmed begin to rise in my spirit. I came into my meditation time one morning and I was tired because I’d had lots of late nights – one night I think it was 2 o’clock before I’d finished filling in all the school forms and got to bed. So I just had that … just under the surface… that sense of feeling like I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by all this.

As I came into my meditation, I’d barely sat down on my meditation cushion and I felt the Holy Spirit drop a scripture into my heart. It was the scripture that says “I will uphold you”. That’s how the Holy Spirit works for me. Often He drops scriptures into my heart – just a few words and I look it up. And I found that this scripture came from Isaiah 41:10. It says

“Do not fear, do not be afraid,
I am your God, I am with you
I will strengthen you
I will help you
I will uphold you”

It was exactly what I needed to hear right in that moment. Such as sense of peace came over me just knowing that God had given me this word – “I am with you, I am going to strengthen you, I’m going to help you, I’m going to uphold you through this busy time”.

My very first thought was – wow! I don’t know how I would survive most of the time without my meditation; without coming to God every day and getting a personal word of encouragement from Him.

It’s a wonderful thing – the scripture was amazing, it was exactly what I needed to hear – but also just knowing that God spoke that word to me, in that moment, gave me so much strength and it energised me and it carried my right through that day and even right through the week. I was able to go through my days with a sense of peace. My week actually got busier but I was able to go with a sense of peace and a sense of strength and a sense of calmness in my spirit.

I thought – wow I feel really sad for people that don’t spend time with God every day and they don’t get that personal encouragement. It happens to me all the time – that the very thing that I need – God always drops the right thing into my heart at the right time.

So I wanted to encourage you to keep on meditating on God. It is so worth it. When life gets really hectic and really busy and we’re stressed often the first that goes is that we find it difficult to find time to spend with God. That’s the time I protect the most because it’s the time that I need Him the most.

So I just want to encourage you to keep meditating – find that little bit of space every day to be with Him because He will drop those words that you need to hear.

I’m really blessed that I grew up in a Christian home so I’ve had a lot of scripture put into my spirit over the years – through years of being in Church and reading the Bible so the Holy Spirit draws on the scripture that’s already in our heart and He brings it to our remembrance right when we need it. But if you haven’t had a lot of scripture put into your life that’s OK, the Holy Spirit can still speak to you. Begin to read your Bible regularly. It might not be something you need right at the moment but it will go deep into your spirit and right at the right time the Holy Spirit will bring it back to you. He will remind you of that verse and He will bring it back to your remembrance right when you really need it.

The other thing I wanted to say is that I know that it’s sometimes really hard to find the time and our human nature fights spending time with God. Our mind wants to go off on all the other things we need to do and get done. But if you persevere; keep coming to God; keep making the space, He will turn up for you every time. You will begin to recognise His voice; you will begin to hear those words He is dropping into your spirit right when you need them.

So I’m praying that encourages you. If you need a personal word of encouragement from God spend some time with God this week and don’t give up after the first day or the second day. If you’re not feeling it just keep coming back and back and back. God promises in His word that when we seek Him we WILL find Him. He says “I will be found by you” (Jeremiah 29:13-14)

So don’t give up. If you really need that word from Him, keep coming back, seeking Him, seeking Him, seeking Him and He will give you the words. He will drop it into your spirit – the very thing that you need.

In the meantime, I encourage you to meditate on that word – Isaiah 41:10 – “I am your God, I am with you, don’t be afraid, don’t be anxious, don’t be stressed, don’t be worried and overwhelmed, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you, I will help you”.

I’m praying this really helps you this week. Have a wonderful week! God bless,

Leah  ♥♥