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God Centred Meditation is the beautiful, peace-filling, soul-refreshing, life-transforming power of experiencing the Presence of God through stillness. Please bear with us while we update this website to bring you more helpful content to help bring you closer to God through stillness and meditation. In the meantime, please follow our social media pages. Insta @godcentredmeditation and facebook.com/godcentredmeditation
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What is God Centred Meditation


Psalm 46:10 says “be still and know I am God”

God Centred Meditation is about the incredible power of being still, stopping our racing thoughts and minds and allowing our spirit to connect with God.

God Centred Meditation is about taking time to rest in His presence. It is awakening your spirit to God.

Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, trauma, depression, doubts and all the concerns of life live in our mind but God lives in our spirit and speaks to us through our spirit. So it is really important that we take time to stop our minds and be still in His presence to hear from him, be refreshed by him, be strengthened by him, receive emotional and physical healing, and to receive revelation from him.

When we make a practice of this we find that we begin to live our life controlled by the spirit instead of the fears and worries in our mind. Romans 8:6 tells us that “the mind controlled by the spirit is LIFE and PEACE”

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October 29, 2018: Pellentesque Ipsum Id Orci Dapibus.


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