I’ve come to realise that one of the greatest weapons the devil uses against us is distraction.

The circumstances and problems you are facing are sent to distract you from your peace and joy in Jesus and to distract you from your purpose and calling in life.

We may have a plan and a course for our life, things we want to do and we’re walking toward but the devil is constantly throwing situations and circumstances at us that cause us to be stressed and anxious. Really they are just distractions designed to disrupt us, throw us off course and keep us side tracked with unimportant things that cause us to lose our peace.

Recently our family went through a period of time where we had so many issues coming against us; One thing after another; mostly annoying things but things that needed to be dealt with and couldn’t be ignored.

At first I was confused but then I realised one morning while I was meditating on God that it was spiritual warfare. The devil will do anything to destroy your peace and to stop you fulfilling the call of God in your life and one thing I’ve learnt is that distraction is one of the devils greatest tools. It keeps us side tracked from the things we want to do, the things God has called us to do and most of all it destroys our peace.

So here are some ways that I’ve learnt how to deal with the distractions and disruptions that the devil tries to throw against us.

First of all, whatever you do, do not become fearful. The devil will always try to make you believe the situation is worse than it is and more hopeless than it is. This is not true. God is on your side and He works all things together for your good.

Secondly, Pray. This type of spiritual warfare requires an increased level of prayer. Pray with faith, strength and confidence, again because God is on your side.

And thirdly, Thanksgiving. I’ve learnt in times like this it’s important to put the emphasis on the good things that happen. Celebrate every victory and every good thing no matter how small it is. If only one small thing good happens in your whole day – celebrate it – put the emphasis on the good.

And here are the two most important points.

The most important one – Meditate on God every day. It’s the place where we can come to re-focus and re-set our eyes on Jesus. I see it like the tightrope of life, where we are walking this tightrope and the devil is throwing things at us from every direction trying to knock us off but we just need keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and keep walking. Don’t be distracted by the things going on around us, keep your eyes on Jesus and you will make it.

Meditating on God also helps to keep you present and focussed on the good things and the important things in life.

And finally – Don’t give it air time. When you’re tempted to talk about it, think about it and worry about it, don’t give it air time. Deal with it as quickly as you can but don’t give it any more attention than that. Distractions thrive on our attention.

Don’t give the distractions in your life any extra air time than necessary. Don’t talk about them if you don’t have to. Don’t allow them to control or dominate your thinking or life. Recognise the things that have come into your life to distract you and throw you off your course and steal your peace and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by them.

My husband, Jeff and I agreed that we would not discuss the issues any more than absolutely necessary because we don’t want those issues to control the atmosphere in our home.

Philippians 4:8 says “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, lovely, and holy–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about these things”.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and stay focussed on Him. Keep coming to Him every day in meditation and he will give you the strength to overcome every distraction, every circumstance and every situation that comes against you.

I’m praying this helps you this week. God bless,

Leah x

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