Dear Friend,

I know it has been a while since I last wrote to you. I want to thank you so much for your patience as I share with you the exciting news that has kept me very busy these last couple of months.

I know some of my readers who also follow me on social media may have heard the news, but I wanted to give you a little background and share a revelation (or two) that has come out of this experience I’m about to share.

About five and half years ago I was not in a very good place. I was a Christian but did not have peace or joy in my life. In fact, I was very stressed, worn out, unhappy, angry a lot of the time and exhausted.

Then just at the time I most desperately needed it, I had an encounter with God where I learned to meditate on Him, which has been the most wonderful, life-transforming experience of my life. I became very passionate about sharing this message because as I said, I had been a Christian all my life and even as a Christian had never experienced the peace, joy and freedom of life that I do now.

I knew how to pray and that’s an important part of our relationship with God but my prayers simply became a case of me giving my grocery list of needs to Him. I did not know how to get into the deep place of my spirit where God lives and find peace and relief from the stress and pressures of life. I didn’t even know as a Christian that I could meditate on God.

My life was transformed in every possible way – where I previously felt stress, I now have peace. Where I was anxious and unhappy I am calm and no longer worried all the time. The anger is gone. The constant, anxious racing thoughts have stopped. I just have constant peace and relief and a knowing in my heart that everything that is going on in my world will work out for good. I also found my family became happier (you know the saying – happy wife, happy life), our financial situation started to turn around and all sorts of situations that I was no longer stressed or worried about began to work together for good (as the Bible promises).

I felt so overwhelmed by the turnaround and goodness of God that I was experiencing in my life that I became passionate about sharing this message any way and anywhere I could and that is how and why this blog came about.

I also believe that at the time God placed a little dream in my heart to “one day” get this message on television to reach as many people as I could. In my mind “one day” was many years down the track – maybe 10 or more years.

But God totally amazes me! One of the things I have discovered since learning how to meditate on God is how quickly He opens doors without me even pursuing it or trying to make it happen. And this is the exciting news that I want to share with you. God has orchestrated a way for me to be able to share this message on television every week starting this month!

I am so excited to be able to share this life changing message of hope and peace in a short segment on the Australian Christian Television Channel (on Foxtel and online) every Sunday morning at 7.55am (Sydney time) and it will be re-played at various times throughout each week.

I am so amazed by God and maybe one day I will share the details on how it came about but today for those who want to read on (I know it’s a bit longer than usual) I wanted to share a revelation that came about through this experience that hopefully may encourage you.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be in television. I wanted to act or be a Television news presenter or something like that. It was just a little dream in my heart. I can’t explain it except to say God puts dreams in our heart.

However, every attempt I ever made to be involved in acting in our plays at school were met with rejection. I was rejected from the school play every year. And I mean serious rejection.

There was one year our class was doing a play for the end of year school spectacular and the play was called “Elvis Presley, This is your Life”. It was based on the TV show of the same name. The teacher wrote the play and created parts for every student in the class except … for me and one other student.

There was even a scene where there was a screaming mob of female fans and my teacher would not allow me to be part of the mob. Really, what’s one more screaming fan? The other child and I had to sit out not only the performance but every rehearsal leading up to the show. Every time the class practiced we had to sit on the sidelines and watch. Total rejection was what I felt. I was a painfully shy child as it was and this was a huge blow to my self-esteem and confirmed my sense of being a total loser.

I was remembering this as we started filming the first episodes of the new TV segment we are making for God Centred Meditation and was totally in awe of God – how He takes the one that no one else believed in and uses them for His glory.

After my experience at school of being rejected from anything to do with acting or shows and plays and performances, the dream kind-of died. I never pursued it or thought much about it over the years.

But God didn’t forget. The Bible says “God knows the plans He has for me (and for you) And here is where the revelation comes in – I suddenly had one of those revelation, light-bulb dawning moments when I realised that the devil was trying to kill, steal and destroy my dreams even before I knew it was a God plan.

Wow, the opposition, rejection, disappointment, devastation, hurt and hardship that I faced and that you may also have, or currently are facing in an area of your life may just well be the devil trying to kill your dreams even before you realise it’s because of a God-plan for your life.

Even as a little child too young to understand any of this, the devil is so wicked, he will do anything to kill the God plans and God dreams for your life.

I cannot stress it enough, if you are feeling frustration about not knowing the purpose for your life or if you have battled against rejection and inferiority or you’ve always asked yourself “what is wrong with me?”; the only way to see God’s plan become a reality in your life is to seek Him with all of your heart.

For most of my adult life I have wondered about the plans God had for my life. And in 40+ years of being a Christian nothing released those God plans until I learned and began to practice meditating on Him.

40 years being a Christian and the dream lay dormant. 5.5 years meditating on God and the dream became a reality without my even trying.

If that sounds like I’m saying seek God and He will give you the desires of your heart – I am. Actually that’s exactly what Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart”.

But it’s not about that – the dream for me, as I’m sure it is for you, today is God Himself.

When we learn to meditate on God, when we learn to get in to the secret place where we meet him heart-to-heart and we become so consumed with Him – nothing else matters. Our heart only wants Him – everything else fades away.

Actually I believe this is what the secret is – God releases the dream to us when it doesn’t matter to us anymore. When our heart is only hungry for Him. When He holds and fills every place of our heart not because we’ve disciplined our self into that position but because we have discovered the beauty of Him, the incredible depth and amazing wonder of Him. When we get a glimpse of Him nothing else matters.

I hope that has helped, encouraged or inspired someone today – that God really does have a plan for your life. And the rejection and opposition that you have experienced in your life has been the enemy’s attempt to kill God’s plan for you. But, you know, there is healing for the damage the devil has done and there is release for all of the dreams in our heart and all of God’s purposes and plans when we seek God in meditation with all of our heart.

I would love you to tune in to watch our new segment on the Australian Christian Channel. You can watch it in Australia on Foxtel or worldwide online at

It is showing at 7.55am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) every Sunday morning and at various other times during the week. After the show airs on television we hope to upload the episodes to the website.

God bless! I pray you have a wonderful week!

Leah  ♥♥

PS.  I will be continuing to write this blog