Hi Everyone,Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s wonderful to have you join us.

Today I want to share something that I hope will help you in your meditation time. It’s something I’m sure that we all experience from time to time, I know I do. And it’s that sense of when we feel like we can’t get into the presence of God. We can’t get past our mind.

I wrote in my journal one day that I come to God in meditation every day but some days my mind just doesn’t want to let me in.

That’s what I want to share about today. Sometimes in our meditation we can have such a wonderful time and we’re totally engaged and consumed by God body, mind and spirit. We can feel Him, we can hear Him, we’re experiencing Him and it’s the most wonderful thing when we’re fully engaged and consumed by God.

But some days it doesn’t feel like that. Some days I come in and it’s like my mind doesn’t want to let me into the meditation time. And I’m trying to figure what do I need to do – “I need start by letting go, I need to forgive, I need to ask God…” and it’s like I’m scrambling for all these ways to get past my mind and into my spirit space to be able to feel and encounter God.

What I’ve realised when that’s happening is that I’m trying to get into God’s presence in my own strength. And it never happens like that. It never works that way.

We are made up of body, mind and spirit and for the most part of our life we live in our headspace and sometimes it’s very hard to come back through the headspace and get into the heart-space, or the spirit-space, where God lives.

And sometimes we are so caught up in the head-space part of our life, it’s very hard to perceive what’s going on in our spirit-space. But what I have found is that when it’s hard to get through the head-space and I don’t feel like I’m connecting with God that actually, when we make space for God He always turns up. He always connects heart-to-heart and spirit-to-spirit with us when we make space for Him.

So what I’ve learnt in those times when I’ve felt like I’m struggling and I’m scrambling as I ask what can I do next to clear my head and get into the God-space is actually to do nothing; to stop, be still, take a breath and just rest.

And if I can’t feel it in my head-space it doesn’t matter. It takes faith – and faith is what pleases God too by the way – it takes faith to trust and believe that He will always meet with us. He says that “when you seek me, you will find me”.

So even though in my head I can’t perceive what’s going on, I know that something is taking place in my spirit. God is meeting with me, God is doing the work in my spirit and in my heart that I need. And do you know, my experience is that I always see the evidence of that in days to come.

I realise, yes He was with me, yes He was doing something in my heart. So I pray that helps you. I pray that if you’re coming in to your meditation time and you’re feeling like you can’t get out of your head-space. Your mind’s just not letting you through into the spirit-space, don’t be stressed about it just stop and rest and wait.

And just wait and if you don’t feel anything in the entire time that you’re meditating on God it doesn’t mean that nothing happened. In fact, probably something very powerful and very transforming took place in your spirit as you made space and waited on God.

So I pray that helps you. I pray that this week you have a really peace filled time just resting and waiting on God and not being worried about whether you feel anything or not or whether you’re experiencing anything. I know without a shadow of a doubt that every time we make space for God, He will turn up.

God bless you – look forward to seeing you again next week.

Leah  ♥♥