Meditation was never meant to be difficult or cause you stress. It is meant to be a time where you find peace and stillness for your soul in the midst of the noise and chaos of life.

But I know that some people become very stressed trying to be still. The constant barrage of thoughts that won’t stop can be very frustrating.

If you have tried and tried and tried to be still but feel frustrated because it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t make your mind stop and be still, then today’s message is for you.

I have shared many tips on how to find stillness and ways to settle your mind but if you have tried everything and you still haven’t found peace and the thoughts still won’t stop and you’re still feeling anxious… maybe you’re feeling even more anxious because you can’t find stillness then sometimes the problem can be that we are simply just trying too hard.

Sometimes we have to give up the fight to be still. I don’t mean quit altogether. I mean that sometimes we just need to “BE” – nothing else but just “be” in His presence.

When we’ve exhausted all our efforts, let the Holy Spirit do it – let the Holy Spirit take you into God’s presence of peace. Let Him lead you. We cannot manipulate our meditation experience or control it and trying to will only lead to frustration. When we simply surrender and let the Holy Spirit lead as He wants to, peace will come.

So if this is you – if you are feeling anxious and you’ve tried so hard in your own efforts to be still but peace hasn’t come then here is what I recommend.

Firstly, I recommend putting on an eye mask if you have one. I know it sounds funny but it is something I do sometimes to help me focus more and shut out what’s going on around me.

I used to meditate in my walk-in-wardrobe which was a smaller, more confined space but then I converted our spare room to a prayer and meditation room and now I meditate in there. But I noticed a big difference when first did that. I found that it was harder to focus and be still in a bigger, lighter space. Our surroundings definitely affect our ability to focus and be still. So either find a smaller, quieter space or, as I sometimes do, put on your eye mask if you need to.

And then put on some worship music and don’t try and “do” anything. Just lose yourself in the music and enjoy God. Don’t feel anxious about the fact you are trying to be still and meditate, just forget about that for the moment and put on the worship music and get caught up in it.

After a little while you may feel your heart wanting to express love and worship to God – and that’s ok, do that but don’t lose the stillness and gentleness of the moment. In other words, don’t take over by starting to do too much talking. Remember you want to leave space to connect heart to heart with God in the stillness. Express your love and worship for God while still keeping that gentle sense of stillness and leave space for Him to do most of the talking. Meditation is about coming into the stillness of His presence to feel, see and hear God.

As you lose yourself in the worship, not trying to do anything, not trying to be still, not trying to get rid of thoughts but just sitting and enjoying His beautiful presence, you will feel His sweet peace start to come over you, maybe feeling like showers of refreshing rain falling from heaven into your soul. Just take it in, sit, enjoy and let God do the work in your heart that you need.

As you listen to the worship and feel His peace like rain from heaven falling on your soul, put your hands out to Him in front of you and you will feel everything else go. It’s like the peace physically squeezes out all the stress and anxiety. It dissipates as you breathe in peace. Calmness is restored and you are strengthened.

When the music stops, you may be able to sit there in the stillness but if not, play the song again.

One song that I have been using a lot lately is Hillsong Worship “What a Beautiful Name”

As you listen to words about Jesus like “you have no rival, you have no equal, now and forever God you reign” you will feel your heart be lifted up above your circumstances and into the heavenlies. Life and all its problems fade away as we get a picture of the Lord most high sitting on His throne in the heavenly realms. At the same time you feel a deep heart connection with Him, You feel Him with you, beside you, in you, restoring your soul.

Psalm 23:3 says “He restores my soul”. When you’re ready, turn the music off and finish your meditation in stillness. Meditate on the words from Psalm 23 “He restores my soul” to keep yourself still and focussed and breathe in His presence and His peace.

Praying this helps you this week. God bless and keep meditating on Him!

Leah  ♥♥