Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog again this week. This week I want to talk about the importance of “Letting Go”.

In Philippians chapter 2 verse 7, the Bible tells us that Jesus “emptied Himself”. This is in the context of Jesus emptying Himself of His glory to leave heaven and to come to earth in human form. But the role modelling that He provided for us is an incredible example of how we need to live and how we need to learn to empty ourselves and to let go of things.

I learnt very early on when I first learnt to meditate on God how important it was – and in fact I actually begin my meditation almost every day with the practice of just “letting go”; letting go of everything that’s on my mind; all the things that are weighing me down and troubling me; the things that I might have to do that I’m thinking about; hurts that might have happened to me – all kinds of things – everything.

I make a practice of letting go because I’ve found it’s the only way to get to a place of peace in my heart and actually clear everything out of the way so that I can connect with God heart-to-heart. And to get past all of that other stuff to get into His presence.

And so it’s an incredibly important thing to learn to do – to let go of everything. Let go of all things that are worrying us, all the things that are weighing us down, all the things that are troubling us. But as I’ve gone along my journey, what I’ve learnt is that “letting go” is not just about the peaceful benefits that it brings to us – although that is incredible and such an important thing too.

I’ve learnt that there’s a much greater, important reason for learning to let go and making it a practice of our daily life.

What I’ve learnt is that when we don’t let go of things, when we don’t let go of the things we’re worrying about and we’re stewing about them; they’re on our mind, those things can form attachments. They attach themselves to us when we worry about it, when we dwell on it and we think about it all the time. It becomes like a spiritual force that attaches itself to us. And then it has power and control over us.

And so it is such an important reason why every day we need to look at the things that have tried to get a hold of us and attach themselves to us – the worry, the troubles, the hurt. All of those things, we need to make a practice of letting go of them so that they don’t grow to have power and control over us.

And it can be a painful thing – it can be painful thing to learn to let go of some of the hurts that have happened because they’re real, they happened, they were valid. But it’s such a powerful thing. To be able to live in peace and in freedom we need to learn to let go of things.

And so I would encourage you to start your meditation every day by just looking at – taking a look inside your heart and thinking “is there anything there I need to let go of? Is there anything that I’m holding onto? Are there things that have got a hold of me?” and make a habit, like Jesus did, of emptying yourself; letting them go.

It takes time. And sometimes our head is willing and our heart is not so willing. But the more time that you spend just seeking God in His presence, in meditation, in waiting on Him and allowing Him to help you release those things from your heart. He will help you, He will grow you through it.

That’s the amazing thing – these things that form attachments to us, they hold us back. They hold us back from the things that God has for us. And you will find that you will keep coming around to the same thing time after time in your life. The same things will get a hold of you and they will attach themselves to you and they will have power and control over you. And the way to get release from that is to learn to let them go.

I’m not perfect at it. I’ve certainly got a long way to go on this journey but I’m thankful to God that He’s teaching me and showing me the peace and the growth and the freedom that comes from learning to release these things to God and trusting that He will take care of them; that all things do work together for good when we give up the fight and give up the things that we’re holding onto and let them go to Him and rest in peace in His beautiful, glorious presence.

I pray that helps you this week. I pray that you will spend some time working through some stuff with God – releasing those things. Let Him deal with them. He will heal your heart, He’ll bring peace, He’ll bring restoration and He’ll help you.

God bless. Praying for you as always. Thank you for joining me and see you again next week!

Leah  ♥♥