I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. It’s great to be back after a couple of weeks break. I pray that you all had a very happy and blessed Easter break.

I had the privilege of travelling to China with my family during the break and we had an amazing time there.

But for me, it’s always wonderful to get back home. I love coming home to be able to get back into my prayer and meditation space and re-centre and re-focus and re-connect with God. I do meditate when I’m away but I always find it’s a little bit harder in a different space; a different routine and a different atmosphere and a lot more distractions so I love being able to get back home into my meditation space and back into my God space.

Anyway, this last week that I’ve been back I’ve been contemplating something that I wanted to share with you this week about the meditation journey.

It’s something that I have experienced often since I’ve learnt to meditate on God but I think it’s something that not many of us know very much about. What I wanted to share with you was about how God brings things to the surface in us in order to heal things.

And sometimes we think there’s something going on our life. We might have a thought on our mind that we just cannot get rid of and it’s causing us stress or anxiety. We might have become a bit obsessed with the thought and no matter how hard we try we just can’t let that thought go. Or maybe there’s a hurt or something that’s happened in your life or an emotion and it keeps coming to the surface in different ways and different areas of your life.

Sometimes this can make us feel very stressed. We might begin to wonder “why is this happening?”, “what is wrong with me?”, “why can’t I let this thought go? – I thought I’d dealt with this. I thought that thing was solved in me. Why can’t I let it go?

Sometimes we can become even frustrated with it. We don’t want this thing on our mind all the time and we even feel like we’re driving ourselves crazy with it. But no matter how hard we try we don’t seem to be able to find a way to let it go.

What I’ve discovered is sometimes those things that keep coming to the surface like that are coming to the surface for a reason. I believe that God allows these things and even brings these things, sometimes, to the surface within us because He wants to heal something in us.

It may be something like a past hurt, or pain or an experience. Something that’s happened to us and you might think “you know what, I’m alright. I’ve dealt with that thing. It doesn’t affect me anymore”. But you know we live in a very broken world and every one of us is broken in some way.

And part of the process of us changing to become more and more like Jesus is that God has to deal with these broken things in our life, He has to fix them, correct them and heal them.

So don’t automatically become upset, or stressed or anxious if you find there is a thought and it keeps coming back, or an emotion or an experience and it’s on your mind and you’re thinking “I can’t let that thing go”.

Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s God bringing it to the surface so that He can heal you. I’ve experienced this many times.

Recently I had a situation where I found that I was dreaming about feeling very angry. This is unusual for me because I used to be a very angry person. Before I learnt to meditate on God I was quite an angry person. And one of the very significant changes that has happened in my life since I learned to meditate on God and made that a daily practice of my life is that I am no longer an angry person. All the anger has gone and I’m a peace-filled person. So it was quite unusual for me to be having these dreams where I felt very angry.

So this is what I did. I came to God just before my meditation time just to talk with Him and just to pray and say “you know what God I don’t know why this is happening, what it’s all about or what this even means but I do know that you bring things to the surface within me to heal me”.

So I prayed this prayer –

“God help me to release it, whatever it is that you want to do within me I allow you to do it. I let this thing go. I surrender to you God. I ask you to forgive me, to cleanse me, and to heal me and to fix me and to correct me. And I ask you God to wash it all out of my life, my heart, my mind and my spirit and replace it God with your peace”

And then after I prayed that prayer I just sat in God’s presence in stillness and in silence and let Him do the work within my heart. We don’t need to do any more than that, except to release it to Him; to be aware that He wants to fix something and heal something within our spirit. To grow us and to change us, to help us become more like Jesus. And to help us to reach the potential that He has for us in life.

So after I prayed that prayer of release and I asked Him – whatever it was – to deal with it, and to fix it and to heal me I just waited in His presence and allowed His peace to come and fill my heart.

So I encourage you today – if there’s something that you don’t seem to be able to get off your mind and it’s showing up in lots of different areas and maybe you’re thinking “what’s going on here?” It may well just be God bringing it to the surface because He wants to heal something and change something in you.

It’s a constant growing journey and sometimes we feel like “I thought I’d dealt with that” but He is constantly growing us as the Bible says “He’s changing us from glory to glory” so He no sooner fixes one thing and then down the track there’ll be another but if we’re just aware that these things are not meant to cause us stress or anxiety but it’s part of the growing process – learning to give it to God, release it, letting it go and letting Him do the healing work in our heart that we need.

So I encourage you this week. I pray that helps and I pray that it will help you find some peace and help you to let go of some thoughts that you might have been struggling to let go of before and realise maybe it’s God wanting to do something in your heart, wanting to heal you, wanting to make you whole and put you back together again.

So I pray that blesses you and helps you. Have a wonderful week meditating on God and I’ll see you next week.

God bless,

Leah  ♥♥