I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog.

Do you know I have discovered what I think is the secret to complete peace in life. I first began to find real, true, lasting peace when I learnt to meditate on God. But what I really believe is the secret to having complete peace in your life is actually complete focus on God.

The more focussed we are on Him, the more peace flows through our life. It’s so easy to get distracted. This life is busy, it’s crazy, there’s all kinds of things going on. We may be facing problems. There may be good things that distract us – fun things that take up our attention and our time. Or there might be troubling things. There’s no doubt about it, there are plenty of things that can distract us in life.

I have found that the more distracted that we get, the less peace that we have. The more focussed we are on God, the more consumed by Him that we are, the more peace that we have.

I found that just recently. As you know I’ve just come back from a holiday with my family. It was a wonderful time. We had a really great time. We actually went to visit some other family living in China. We had a wonderful week and I made sure that I had my meditation time every day. I never let that go by without spending some time with God. But because of all the distraction around me, the different routine, the exciting, fun things we were doing every day, it caused me to lose a little bit of my focus on God.

I found when I came back, trying to get into that place of peace and reconnection with God – what happens when we’re distracted is that we become tired and we lose our peace. I found the only way to keep complete peace in my heart all the time is to keep a complete focus on God.

The greater my focus is on God the greater peace that I have. I know for me that what I need to do when I feel that focus slipping – and it’s easy – it’s so easy to be distracted, there’s so much to do in our lives; so much going on around about us. Sometimes it only takes a day. We might start our day in meditation with God and we feel wonderful but by end of the day we find that so many things have been grabbing at us for our attention that we feel like we have drifted out of our God-zone. And we feel like there’s a distance compared to where we were in the morning during our meditation time.

It’s just our focus is what it is; our focus on God. The way to get that peace back into our heart is to get our focus back on God.

So for me, I know that when I get into that kind of a situation where life has been particularly busy and there’s been a big pull of things to draw my attention and my focus away – not completely from God – but that intimate attention that keeps me in the zone of peace and keeps me in the zone of His presence.

When I find that there’s been a pull to drag me away from that by the things going on in life, I have to take intentional steps to get back into that zone. And so for me I like to spend a day a week on top of my meditation times in the morning, I have a day a week that I like to spend with God in prayer and meditation. This year I have found it quite difficult to maintain that day because it’s been a very busy year. So for me, that’s my goal – to get my day a week with God back.

And another thing that I find too is really helpful for getting our focus back on God is reading the Bible. We hear that all the time in Church or wherever we hear we need to be in the Word all the time but I have never found it to be so true in all my life as I have since I learnt to meditate on God.

I know that there is an absolute tangible difference in my ability to be able to meditate in peace and connect with God depending on how much of the Word I’ve been reading. So I like to try and keep my Bible reading up and if I find that my focus has slipped and I’m losing my peace and I know that I need to get back into that zone that’s one of the things I will do. I will spend some extra time reading the Word of God.

Then that sense of peace begins to return to my spirit. I find myself getting back into my God-space and my God-zone. When I keep my eyes on Him I have a constant peace in my heart.

So I just want to encourage you this week if you’re struggling to find peace; if you’re feeling like things are getting at you; if you’re irritated in your spirit maybe or you have un-settledness in your heart or an anxiousness about things and there’s just no peace there. Just take some to spend a little bit longer with God. Maybe a little bit longer in your meditation. Or take an extra day or just do a little bit more than usual to get back into that zone; to get back your focus completely on God and you will find that peace will return to your heart.

I’m praying for you this week as I always do. Thank you to everyone who has written in lately with your kinds words.  I really enjoy hearing from you. Sometimes – I’m sorry – I’m a bit slow getting back because life is so busy. I have three boys. But I will eventually get back to you.

So, thank you so much and God bless you. I’m praying you have a wonderful peace-filled week.

God bless,

Leah  ♥♥