Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s really lovely to have you with us.

I wanted to share something that happened with me in my meditation time this week. I have found, where normally for me it’s quite easy to get into my meditation with God and to let go of things and to connect easily heart-to-heart with God and find that place of peace with Him.

This week for some reason I found that each time I came into my meditation time I was feeling really quite distracted by things that were happening in my world this week. And I was feeling quite agitated by some things and some things that normally wouldn’t bother me I found were really starting to – I guess, really I would say I was offended by them. And they were really agitating me and I was worked up in my spirit about it and instead of enjoying a time of peace with God I’m thinking about these things.

In some ways it’s not a bad thing because it really gave me the opportunity to question “God, why am I responding to that like this? What is it that you’re bringing to the surface in me that needs healing?” There were a couple of things that really shouldn’t have bothered me and I found that it really greatly agitated me in my spirit.

And so one of the good things that came out that was that I was able to look at that and ask God “God why am I responding like that?” And I found that there were some things that He needed to fix up and to heal within me.

So that part of it was good. But the distraction and the inability to be able to get into God’s presence was not so good. And I didn’t enjoy that. And what I find happens is, is that things come along during the week or during our day and it’s like they begin to pile up in our spirit.

There’s this thing we’re worried about and then this thing happens and we start to get this pile of things in our spirit and we no longer have that clear pathway into connecting with God in our heart-space.

So what we really need to do when that happens is we have to clear those things out. No matter how painful it can be or how much it hurts or how much we have to look at why we are responding to that; what are we fearful about, what is causing this anxiety for us. No matter what those reasons are we need to let go of all those things.

We have to release them to God if we want to find peace, if we want to be able to connect with Him heart-to-heart and spirit-to-spirit; to clear that way from us through to our heart-space where God is.

That’s not always easy and actually when you’ve got quite an accumulation of stuff; sometimes it might be stuff that’s accumulated even over years, our natural self sometimes doesn’t even feel like wanting to get through that stuff and get in through to God.

But if we push through, we come to God, we make space to sit and be still and we begin to say “God I give it to you. I don’t hold onto that thing anymore. I let it go. I release it. I allow you to show me if there’s something in me that needs to be corrected; needs to be fixed or needs healing, God – and I allow you to come and do that work within me and I let these things go. I don’t hold onto it and I release it”.

As we work through that we find that it’s like we are clearing a pathway through all the noise, all the rubbish that accumulates, that life piles on top of us. And we find that we clear a path though to that place within us where He lives.

I was so impacted recently by the thought that the Holy Spirit lives within us. As Christians we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and it makes that place within us a sacred place. We need to do everything we can to get into that sacred place.

Life and all its problems and its mess and everything that goes on will constantly be piling things on top of us and our job is to release it. And it’s easier the more often we do it. The clearer we keep ourselves the easier it becomes. Sometimes it’s a little bit harder when somethings are a little bit tough but if we do this every day; we find time every day to come before Him and clear out all the stuff that’s attached itself to us, that’s piled itself one thing after another on top of itself in our spirit. And we allow all of that to be cleared away, we find that we have a clear pathway and there’s a beautiful connection between our spirit and God’s Spirit.

And it brings so much peace. It’s such a wonderful way to live when we learn to let go.

I would love to pray for you right now. If you’d like to close your eyes – because I know it’s not always easy and it takes time and it takes practice but keep persevering and keep coming to God and saying “God I let it go. Help me God, heal me God, carry me through this Lord”, He will help you, He will help you to let go of all those things that are blocking the pathway. He’s right there but sometimes we’ve got to move the junk out of the way for us to be able to get into that beautiful sacred space.

And so I pray for you now – God I pray your beautiful presence, your beautiful peace, your beautiful Spirit would fall all over hearts right now Lord God, right where they are listening to your word, listening to this message God. I pray the peace of God would begin to fall over their heart, their soul and their spirit. God I pray that you would help each and every person to be able to let go and release the things that they’ve been holding onto – the worries, the troubles, the cares, the things that have built up in their spirit; the hurt and the pain God. Lord you are a gentle and a tender God and you don’t do this harshly Lord God but you do this with compassion and gentleness. And Lord you bring healing and you bring peace. I thank you that your peace falls over every heart right now in Jesus Name.

I pray that this week that you would make time – with all my heart I pray it – that you would take the time to come to God and spend time letting go, releasing things and forgiving even; letting go so that you have a beautiful clear pathway between yourself and God.

And let me just say it’s not that God blocks Himself from us – He never does that but sometimes the things of life cause blockages to us being able to get into that deep place of our soul, that sacred space where He lives but when we make our way through that; when we push through that; when we clear everything away it is such a beautiful, fulfilling, peace-giving place to be.

I pray that you find that sacred place, that you find that beautiful place of peace this week. God bless you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again next week.

Leah  ♥♥