20130207-RoadtripNSW-170_1_2_fusedWhat is the one thing that nearly every person wishes they had more of? Peace.

What is the one thing that people believe if the world had more of, would make the world a better place? Peace.

Many people are searching for more peace in their life. They believe if they had more peace and less stress their life would be better.

The good news is that finding peace is very easy. Peace is not elusive or hard to find. It is readily available to anyone who wants it. In fact, peace is already on the inside of you.

Jesus said in John 14:27 “My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you”

Interestingly, the word peace in the original text means prosperity, health of soul and serenity. In other words, Jesus said, “my prosperity, health of soul and serenity I give to you”

Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is peace and he lives in us (or can live in us if he doesn’t already)*.

This means that when the Holy Spirit lives in us, because he is peace, then we already have peace on the inside of us.

So why don’t we always feel at peace?

The reason is that the things of life crowd in, overwhelm us and take up the space inside us that is meant for the Holy Spirit.

To have more peace on the inside we need to tap into the source of peace within us. We need to clear out the things that steal our peace and make more room for the Holy Spirit to fill us with himself.

The only way we can make more room for peace is to spend time with the Holy Spirit in God’s presence. It is only in God’s presence that the things of life can fall away and we are able to make room for God’s spirit and his peace to fill every part of our being.

The more time we spend in his presence the more peace we will have. If we don’t spend much time in God’s presence then we wont have much peace. If you have some peace but need more, then the answer is to spend more time in God’s presence.

If you could do with some more peace right now, take a few minutes to close your eyes, think about God, let all your worries go and breathe in his presence. Stay like that for a few minutes and you will notice the difference.

The longer and more often you spend time in God’s presence connecting with the Holy Spirit who lives within you, the more peace you will have and the more permanent it becomes.

One of the reasons I love God Centred Meditation is because it is simply the practice of spending time in God’s presence, allowing the things of life to fall away and being filled with his peace.

I have found this to be the secret for a peace-filled life and my hope is that you will also make this incredible discovery.


*If you would like to find out how you can have the Holy Spirit and his peace live inside you or if you would like to know how to connect more deeply with God through meditation please click here
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