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Second Interview – My Story

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Hello and welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog!

I especially want to welcome all the new subscribers who have recently joined us since hearing about God Centred Meditation on Christian radio station Hope 103.2FM.

As some of you may have heard, I recently had the honour of being interviewed about God Centred Meditation on Christian radio. It was such a thrill for me to be able to share about this life-transforming practice that I am so passionate about.

If you missed the interviews and would like to listen, they are both now available on the home page of this website.

I was thrilled with the huge response we received to the interviews and it reiterated to me once again that every one of us has a deep longing and even an ache in our heart to find peace and be closer to God.

More than ever before, we are seeking ways to find peace, relief from the pressures and stress we face and ultimately a deeper connection with our magnificent God.

I found the peace that I desperately needed and the deep connection with God that my heart was longing for through spending time in meditation with God in His presence and I am passionate about sharing that experience with others.

Psalm 46:10 say to “Be still and know I am God”. We know that if we can just be still and rest in God’s presence we would find the peace we need but the question that I get asked the most is “how”; how do I become still? How do I stop the relentless thoughts that are racing around my mind; how do I let go of anxiety; how do I get out of my headspace and into my heart-space where God lives?”

So I’m excited to start a series of blog posts with you where I am going to share my own tips on how I find stillness.

My prayer is that you will take a few minutes each day to find a quiet place and use these tips to help you “be still” and find the peace that comes from spending time in God’s presence.

My personal goal this year is to learn to live more and more from the heart-space where God lives (instead of the head space where stress, worry and anxiety live) and I hope you will join me on this journey.

So sign up below to get started. As soon as we receive your details you will be sent the link for the blog posts.  (There is also now a link on the blog to listen to the blog post as well as read it).

Praying that you find peace and strength as you meditate on Him.

Leah  ♥♥

Meditation for the day…

Meditation Focus to experience Peace and Strength

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin, it’s wonderful to have you join us today.I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has responded to our email about the weekend retreat we are running in August. We still have the possibility of squeezing in one or two more […]

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Trying to Meditate but your Mind won’t let You In

Hi Everyone,Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s wonderful to have you join us. Today I want to share something that I hope will help you in your meditation time. It’s something I’m sure that we all experience from time to time, I know I do. And it’s that sense […]

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Keep your focus on the heart instead of producing the crop to see results

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the God Centred Meditation Blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and this week I’m writing to you from a retreat centre just out of Sydney where I’ve come away for the weekend to spend some time with God. It’s something I highly recommend that everyone does from time-to-time whether it’s for a few […]

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He WILL deliver us … again!

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I hope you’ve had an amazing week. I just wanted to follow up on a video I shared a couple of weeks ago called “What to do when you’re feeling anxious”. I want to share a little story that happened to my husband and I […]

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What to do when You’re Feeling Anxious

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’d like to start by wishing all the mothers, everywhere around the world today, a very Happy Mother’s Day. I pray that you’ve been blessed and loved on by your families. I want to share this week a scripture that I’ve been meditating on in […]

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Get Your Peace Back

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. Do you know I have discovered what I think is the secret to complete peace in life. I first began to find real, true, lasting peace when I learnt to meditate on God. But what I really believe is the secret to having complete peace […]

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God brings things to the Surface to Heal Us

I’m Leah Bulfin. Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. It’s great to be back after a couple of weeks break. I pray that you all had a very happy and blessed Easter break. I had the privilege of travelling to China with my family during the break and we had an amazing time there. […]

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The Answer is Within You

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s lovely to have you with us today. Today I wanted to share a little saying that I like to use in my meditation time. It’s something that I have used right from the time I first learnt to meditate. It’s a little quote […]

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A Prayer for Letting Go

Welcome to the God Centred Meditation blog. I’m Leah Bulfin and it’s really lovely to have you with us. I wanted to share something that happened with me in my meditation time this week. I have found, where normally for me it’s quite easy to get into my meditation with God and to let go […]

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