What is god centred meditation?

Answers to the most common questions regarding God Centred Meditation. Should you still be unsure, do not hesitate to contact me!

What is God Centred Meditation?

Psalm 46: 10 ~ Be still and know I am God ~

God Centred Meditation is meditation that is centred on God. 

Psalm 46:10 says “be still and know I am God”. God Centred Meditation is about the incredible power of being still, stopping our racing thoughts and minds and allowing our spirit to connect with God.

God Centred Meditation is about taking time to rest in His presence. It is awakening your spirit to God.

Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, depression, doubts and all the concerns of life live in our mind but God lives in our spirit and speaks to us through our spirit. So it is really important that we take time to stop our minds and be still in His presence to hear from him, be refreshed by him, be strengthened by him and to receive revelation from him.

When we make a practice of this we find that we begin to live our life controlled by the spirit instead of the fears and worries in our mind. Romans 8:6 tells us that “the mind controlled by the spirit is LIFE and PEACE”

What are the benefits of God Centred Meditation?

Psalm 103:2 ~ Bless the LORD, O my soul and forget not all His benefits ~

God is, and has, everything we need in life. Whether it is more peace, love, happiness, patience, hope, purpose, health, finances, God is or has all of those things (and more) and He lives inside us.

That means that we already have everything we need inside us and we simply need to “tap into the source” to release it into our life. God centred meditation is about “tapping” into the God who lives within us.

These are just some of the ways your life will change when you make a practise of connecting with God through meditation

  • You will experience peace. A peace “that is beyond understanding” because it stays with you no matter the circumstances you are facing
  • You will feel a constant calmness. Nothing will bother you. You wont feel anxious, worried or stressed all the time
  • Life will not feel chaotic and out of control but will be orderly and productive
  • Depression and anxiety will begin to lift
  • You will not feel pressured by all the demands that life places on you
  • Instead you will experience love, peace, happiness and purpose about life
  • You will find that bible verses such as Romans 8:28 “all things work together for good” become truth in your life. Things begin to work out for good and fall into place without anxiety, stress or striving. Life just works!
  • You will find every area of your life including relationships, business, ministry etc begin to work and prosper
  • Dreams that you’ve held in your heart for a long time will begin to unfold and take life
  • You will discover the purpose that you were created for. Doors begin to open for that purpose to be fulfilled
  • God begins to speak to you, revealing things to you about himself, his heart and his purpose – sometimes for yourself and sometimes to help someone else in your life
  • “Rivers of living water will flow from within you”.  You will find yourself so filled with God that it will overflow and bring life, peace, help and healing to others around you
  • You will have a constant and deep sense of God and his spirit being with you all the time
What is the main point of God Centred Meditation?

Psalm 63:1 ~ O God you are my God. Earnestly I seek you. My soul thirsts for you. My whole being longs for you ~

God centred meditation is about seeking, finding and connecting with God. It is about wanting more of Him, about wanting to be with Him, about discovering who He is and His incredible love and goodness. It about spending time in His presence.

It is not about the meditation, as such. Meditation is purely a method or a conduit to connect us with God. It is not even about seeking more peace, happiness or answers to the problems in your life.

The reason that we struggle to find peace, love, happiness, purpose, hope, health and transformation in life is because we seek for these things. Matthew 6:33 gives us the secret to finding real and lasting answers for our life; “But seek God first and ALL these things will be given to you”

There is a supernatural power in being able to let go of all your worries, problems and cares and focus on just one thing and that is, connecting with God. It is the key that releases everything you need into your life. As we spend time in meditation on God and with God, seeking for more of Him in our lives, we find our lives begin to be changed in so many amazing ways that we could not have even imagined.

Can anyone practise God Centred Meditation?

1 Corinthians 6:17 ~ Whoever is united with the Lord is one with Him in spirit ~ 

Yes! Anyone can seek God through the practice of God Centred Meditation but remember that God Centred Meditation is about “tapping into” or connecting with the God who lives within us.

Without God on the inside of you, the practice of meditation will only bring limited and temporary relief/answers. You may experience some peace and calmness but to be able to connect your spirit with His spirit and to fully tap into and access everything He is and has, He needs to live within you.

You can invite God to live within you by praying a very simple prayer to ask Him into your life. Please click here if you would like to pray that prayer.

If you’re not ready to pray that prayer then please still take some time to meditate and ask God to make Himself real to you. Jeremiah 29:13 says “I will be found by you” declares the Lord “when you seek me with all your heart”

What will happen if I ask God to live inside me?

1 John 4:16 ~ God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them ~

When we acknowledge that there is a God and that we are disconnected from Him, we can choose to be reconnected to Him by asking Him to forgive us for living a life apart from Him and asking Him to come into our life. This is made possible because Jesus Christ  died on the cross. When we ask God to come into our life, His Holy Spirit comes to live within us, our spirits are awakened to Him and we are able to connect personally with Him. Because His spirit comes to live within us we have His power living within us to transform our life here on earth. And we also have the promise of eternity with Him.

What are the origins of God centred meditation and how is it different to other types of meditation?

Colossians 1:16 ~ All things were made by God, and for God ~ 

All things were created by God and for God and that includes meditation. Meditation originated and was practised by many (maybe all) of the great men and women of the bible, including Abraham, Isaac, Joshua and King David, just to name a few.

Most Eastern and new age styles of meditation are based on the philosophy that we can ascend through different levels of meditation to reach enlightenment and ultimately discover that we are God.

God centred meditation is based on the truth that we are in no way, shape or form God and we can never become God but we have the incredible opportunity of having the God of the universe live within us. God centred meditation is about the life transforming power of connecting our spirit deeply, personally and intimately with the spirit of God.

How is meditation different to prayer?

Psalm 62:1 ~ My soul waits in silence for God only ~

There is a saying; “Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to and waiting on God”.  Meditation is about listening to God and it is so much more. It is about connecting with God, experiencing God, it is about having your life changed by God and having a peace on the inside of you that passes all understanding.

How long should I meditate for?

Psalm 48:9 ~ Within your temple O God, we meditate on your unfailing love ~ 

There are no rules about how long you should meditate for. Once you have experienced the peace and joy of meditating in His presence you will find that you will long to spend more and more time in that still, quiet place. In the beginning it can be hard to settle your mind for your spirit to encounter God so it is recommended that at least 20 minutes is needed to quieten your mind and connect your spirit to God. The more time you spend in His presence the easier it becomes to still your mind and connect with Him. Just like it takes time to build a friendship, the same applies to God. It takes time in prayer and meditation to grow our relationship with God.

Is God centred meditation all I need to live a transformed life?

Psalm 23:3 ~ He restores my soul ~ 

Just like your body needs a well balanced diet to be healthy, your spirit also needs a well balanced diet. To stay in optimal spiritual health we need a balanced diet of meditation, prayer, worship, bible reading/study, attending Church and service to God and others.

Do you offer God centred meditation classes?

Jeremiah 29:13 ~ You will find me, declares the Lord, when you seek me with all your heart ~

Meditating on God is about connecting your spirit with God’s spirit and is a deeply personal experience and best suited to a quiet environment without distractions.

We currently don’t offer meditation classes as such but Leah is available to speak and/or run a God Centred Meditation workshop for your Church, School (highly recommended for Year 12 students), women’s group, youth group, work place or other Organisation. Please contact us via the contact page for more information.

Where can I find out more about the images on this website?

Psalm 145:5 ~ I will meditate on your glorious, majestic splendor and your wonderful works ~

All of the images on this website have been generously supplied by the amazingly talented Karen and Roger Beard. To see more of their God-inspired artwork, please visit their Facebook page ©The Beards Photography

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