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Most people know how to pray but not so many people know what it means to wait on God or how to do it; how to find God in the still, secret place where your soul is refreshed; where peace replaces stress and anxiety and where your life is empowered and strengthened.

Leah has a gift to help people learn how to connect with the Holy Spirit and experience God’s presence and peace through God Centred Meditation.

If you would like Leah to run a God Centred Meditation workshop for your Church, School (especially recommended for Year 12 students), women’s group, youth group, work place or any other Organisation, please contact us via the contact form for more information.

“Leah, we are so grateful for you sharing with our group your passion and revelation around meditation. You ushered in the presence of the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way. You also have an incredible gift of public speaking and articulating incredibly clearly what you do. We have started implementing God Centred Meditation into our world”

“Dear Leah, thank you so much for sharing with us at our Leadership Group – so powerful”

“Thank you Leah for a beautiful morning with the women of our Church; helping them to enter into the secret place with God”

“Dear Leah, thank you so much for leading us this morning. You are an amazing gift and encouragement to us all”

“When Leah presented her message about God Centred Meditation at one of our every woman gatherings at church I sensed many angels in the room, so I knew it was an important message.  As Leah spoke about her deepening relationship with God through God Centred Meditation I was captivated because I also longed for a deeper connection with God.  When we practiced our very first God Centred Meditation I heard the whisper of a bible verse in my ear that I determined to look up when I returned home.

Initially I wondered where I could do my God Centred Meditation.  I did not have a prayer room like Leah and I had two young children at home and not much time to myself.   However, this idea came to me that maybe I needed a prayer chair in my room.  So I prayed for one.  It was the quickest prayer I have ever had answered.  The very next day my mum rang to ask me if I would like my Nan’s armchair.  I realised how important it is to God that we spend time with Him.

The very first time I meditated on God, I sensed angels in my room encouraging me, as I was a little nervous.  I went through the steps as Leah explained it and quieted my soul before God by quoting scripture.

Psalm 62:5New King James Version (NKJV)

My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him.

I still use this scripture to quieten my mind before God so that I can hear Him.  I did not have to wait too long to hear Him.  He spoke prayers to me for people.  The prayers were beautiful about how much He longed for them, how He so much wanted them to repent and turn their hearts back to Him.  He really showed me His heart and deep longing for His people and I would agree with Him in these prayers.

I committed to meditating everyday for about 30 mins.   It wasn’t easy with two little girls but I would always pray that Jesus would find the time for us and He always did.  Sometimes I would snatch the time when my youngest was taking a nap and my toddler was having lunch in front of a children’s show.   I would always ask God to share with me what was on His heart.  This went on for many days just me listening to Jesus’ prayers for His people.

Even though I wasn’t experiencing amazing revelations for anything personal relating to my life, I didn’t care I just loved listening to His heart and so I kept pressing in…. and then one day the prayers were for me and I went through a time where Jesus at first and then later God the Father and Holy Spirit gave me such love, encouragement and direction for my life,  I discovered that God has been longing to tell me about his divine purposes and assignments for my life.

As my relationship with God deepened I spent longer times with Him and the meditation time was not always auditory, visual elements came into play.  God has shown me, as well as spoken to me about many amazing things.  The times we share together are always different, but always sooo fun.  Sometimes, He shows me something through visions, sometimes we just talk, other times I write down what He says, or I pray, or I pray in tongues or I just spend time in His presence, soaking in His glory.   Now I get up early in the morning to spend time with Him because it absolutely makes my day and one day a week I have an awesome ‘God day’ now that my family is a little older.

Undertaking Leah’s advice on God Centred Meditation was one of the pivotal things that created the space for my relationship with our amazing, awe inspiring, incredible God to deepen so that I could know and love Him, so much more.  After all, He is so worthy of all my love and devotion….”

Leah Bulfin


My name is Leah Bulfin. I am a Christian and live in Sydney with my husband, Jeff and three sons. I grew up attending my parent’s Church (which is now C3 Church Mt Annan) until moving to Sydney where Jeff and I have been members of Pastor Phil Pringle’s C3 Church for 21 years. 

I have been in Church and have known God all my life but have never known such a deep and life changing way of connecting with God until I encountered God Centred Meditation.