Watching the waves over Brooms Head Beach lagoonI recently had a day where from the time I woke up in the morning one thing after another started to go wrong.

First we thought we’d been caught by an internet scam. Then a conference my husband was planning to attend in the USA was cancelled – not a problem in itself except that we had paid for non refundable airfares and had not yet purchased travel insurance.

This was then followed by our tenants, who help to cover the cost of the office that our business runs from, gave us notice to move out leaving us with another unexpected cost.

And through out the day numerous other less important things continued to go wrong. It was one of “those” days.

It was quite a surprise for me because since I started practicing God Centred Meditation I have found that my life is always peaceful and things work out for me. In fact, in our family, whenever faced with a potential reason to be worried, one of us will say “it’s ok… things work out for us” – and they always do.

I know for many these problems are minor but for me, this was a pretty unusual day and I have to admit that I began to feel a sense of anxiety and stress start to rise in my spirit.

I knew immediately that I could not let this fear and anxiety overtake me. I was determined to not lose the peace that I have found and lived with continuously for the last couple of years be lost in that moment.

And so it was a huge battle to still my racing mind as I went into my meditation time that day.

I knew that the only way to not lose my peace was to take control of my mind, make it still and allow the beautiful peace of God to flow into my Spirit.

Being able to let go of all our worries, stress and anxiety is the secret to finding and being filled with peace.

This can’t happen on the run. In the busyness of life, a quick prayer on the run will not be enough. It takes time away from the distractions of life to completely still your mind, settle your spirit and connect with God.

It’s only in this space we find the strength to let go of everything that is worrying and stressful. It’s in this space we can give our worries and fears to God and in return he fills us with an incredible peace and calmness in our soul.

When we focus our heart on God we find everything else falls away.

So as I sat in meditation I found the strength to release and let go of all the worries my mind was starting to scream at me. (Funny how your mind immediately wants to panic and go to fear)

I began to feel peace and strength rise within me.

I stayed in meditation in God’s presence until I knew I had completely won the battle to let everything go and my spirit had won the battle over my mind.

I came out of my meditation room no longer filled with a rising sense of anxiety but instead filled with peace and assurance that things would work out … as they always do – and just for the record, they did!

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, take some time today to sit in stillness and connect with God. Let him help you to let go of all the things that are worrying you and fill you with his beautiful peace.

Romans 8:6 “The mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace”

Jeremiah 17:17 “You are my refuge in the day of disaster”

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