IMG_3822How often do we get so engrossed in what we have to do that we are not present with our family or loved ones when we are with them? We are there in body but our mind and spirit are elsewhere.

This happened to me this week and it got me thinking about how often in our relationship with God, we are really not present with him. We are so engrossed in everything that needs to be done that we’re vaguely aware that he’s there but we’re not really present with him.

God centred meditation is about being present with God.

We know about HIS presence and we love HIS presence but what about us? Are we present with Him? God loves our presence as much as we love his.

We love when God brings His presence to us but how often do we take our presence to Him?

His presence is always there, immovable and unchanged since the beginning of time. God waits for us to come and make ourselves present in His presence.

Take some time today to be present with God – body, mind and spirit – in His presence

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