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Hi! and welcome to this website and blog. My name is Leah Bulfin. I am a Christian and live in Sydney with my husband, Jeff and three sons. I grew up attending my parent’s Church (which is now C3 Church Mt Annan) until moving to Sydney where Jeff and I have been members of Pastor Phil Pringle’s C3 Church for 21 years. 

I have been in Church and have known God all my life but have never known such a deep and life changing way of connecting with God until I encountered God Centred Meditation.

Like many people my prayer life consisted of giving God a “grocery list” of everything I needed and wanted Him to do. I felt a longing in my spirit for something more. I felt God calling me to come a little deeper and closer to Him.

It was because of the longing in my heart for more of God that I discovered the peace-filling, soul-refreshing, life-changing practice of God Centred Meditation.

I have found that still, quiet place where God refreshes the soul and it is my desire that every person would discover the wonderful life and joy of spending time in His presence.

Have a beautiful spirit-filled day!

Leah  ♥♥

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In the midst of her various roles in life Leah has discovered a key to peace and power. I can see the fruit of the practice of God Centred Meditation in Leah’s life – in the form of joy, strength, capacity and love for people. I know that her journey and discovery will benefit many as we seek to connect with the presence of God in the midst of a busy  and distracted world.

— Kirrily Lowe

Executive Pastor, C3 City Campus, 
Author Invisible Tree Children’s Books

Andrew Gray

I am strongly persuaded that Leah has received an important revelation from God concerning His desire to connect with His people at a deeper level of relationship. It has been inspiring to watch Leah humbly and willingly receive this mandate from the Lord to demonstrate, teach and empower others in the journey of God-Centred meditation. I wholeheartedly endorse the increasing awareness of this practice, and along with Leah, invite people everywhere to discover a more meaningful connection with God in their daily life

— Andrew Gray

Senior Minister 
C3 Church Mount Annan

Simon McIntyre

Spending time in God’s Presence has been revolutionary in the Bulfin household.  Leah’s husband, Jeff, is the first to say that their circumstances have taken a significant leap forward since Leah started devoting the early part of her busy day to meditating on scripture and Gods presence.  Her thoughts are a reflection of that time. She would love you to connect with her writings but more so with source of her inspiration – the Lord himself, revealed in his word and presence.

— Simon McIntyre

Senior Minister, C3 Church London 
Director C3 Church Europe